Linux Cluster Compilers and Programming Tools

The cluster has the Intel Fortran 90 compiler (ifort, documentation), and also the standard Linux Fortran 77 compiler (g77, documentation). Standard man pages are also available for each. For optimization on the lc.phys cluster, use ifort -O3 -tpp7 -xW. See here for instructions on compiling with MPI.

The cluster also has the Intel and Gnu C compilers, (icc and gcc) and Pascal (via p2c).

Numerical libraries of interest include LAPACK (compile with -llapack), FFTW (use -lfftw), MKL including BLAS (compile with ifort -L/opt/intel/mkl/lib/32 -lmkl_p4 -lguide -lpthread) and the GOTO BLAS libraries (compile with /home/Tools/lib/BLAS_LIBS/GOTO/