Graphing and Visualization Software


The Grace 2D plotting program can be run under the name xmgrace (GUI version) or gracebat (batch mode). Documentation and examples are in
Homepage, User's Guide, Tutorial.


The open DX data visualization package. Run with the command dx.
Homepage, Documentation.


Terminal-based 2D and 3D graphing program. Run via gnuplot.
Homepage, Documentation, Tutorial.


Molecular visualization program for use with NAMD simulation program
Homepage, User's Guide


xgraph data plotting program
xv graphics file viewing
convert graphics format converter
povray ray-tracing 3D graphics modeling
mathematica symbolic mathematics and 3D graphing program
matlab interactive calculation and data visualization program
viewkel visualization program for yaehmop
wxdragon visualization for ab-initio calculations
p4vasp "Python for VASP" graphing and analysis tool
RasMol Molecule viewer